With 10 resident partners and nearly 100 in number of lawyers, para-legals, consultants, specialists and staff.

Practice Areas : Banking, Finance, Investments, Natural Resources, Arbitration, International Business Transactions.


Managing Director / Senior Partner

Practice Areas : Expatriate Services, Foreign Business Law, Labour, Corporate, Investment Promotion, Real Estate, Contract Negotiations, Contract Negotiations and Entertainment Industry.
Practice Areas : General Practice, Corporate Law, Foreign Business Law, Promotion of Investment Practice, Merger, Take-Overs and Acquisition, Joint Ventures, Competition / Anti-Trust / Anti-Monopolies. Act of Muti-Corporations in doing business in Thailand. Contributor: Thailand Legal Business Handbook, ILCT, Millennium Edition.


Senior Partner

Practice Areas : Real Estate, Foreign Business, General Practice, Focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions, Take-Overs and Joint Venture, International Trade Transactions, Expatriate Services, Labor, and Corporate.
Practice Areas : Commercial Litigation, including Business Disputes and Litigation before the Central International Trade and Intellectual Property Court, Labor Disputes, and Labor Litigation before the Central Labor Court.
Practice Areas : Corporate, Finance, Securities, Intellectual Property, E-commerce, Real Estate & Property, Merger & Acquisition, Take-Overs and Amalgamation Transactions, Tax planning, Joint Venture, Conversion of Private Company Limited to Public Company Limited, Private Placement, Initial Public Offering (IPO), setting up of a Mutual Fund, Property Fund and REITs, Entertainment, Venture Capital and General Commercial Practice, Financial Technology (FinTech).
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property and Information Technology Services.
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property.
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property.
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property.
Practice Areas : Corporate, Litigation, Transportation, Joint Venture, Airline Dispute Resolution. More than thirty years of experience in handling claimes and defences arising out of aircraft incidents occuring in or related to Thailand.


Litigation Consultant

Practice Areas : Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Banking and Finance.
Practice Areas : Real Estate, Property Development, Factory License and Environment law.
Practice Areas : Banking, Finance, Taxation, Trade Competition, Telecommunication and all aspects of Commercial Law.
Practice Areas : Corporate Practice, Incorporation, Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions and specializes in Foreign Business Law.
Practice Areas : General Practice, Foreign Business and Promotion of Investment.
Practice Areas : Litigation; Intellectual Property; Insurance and Labor
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property.


Senior IP Counsel

Practice Areas : Corporate and Commercial.
Practice Areas : General Practice.
Practice Areas : Corporate and Commercial.
Practice Areas : Litigation.