This includes tax planning for individuals as well as companies, interpretation of tax laws, regulations and double tax treaties, defending tax assessments and litigating tax claims. Taxes in this connection encompass all taxes relating to business and industry, e.g., income tax, VAT, Special Business Tax, local development and land taxes, stamp duties, customs duties, excise tax, inheritance tax, the new property tax and other new tax laws in the pipeline etc.
Practice Areas : Banking, Finance, Investments, Natural Resources, Arbitration, International Business Transactions.


Managing Director / Senior Partner

Practice Areas : Real Estate, Foreign Business, General Practice, Focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions, Take-Overs and Joint Venture, International Trade Transactions, Expatriate Services, Labor, and Corporate.
Practice Areas : Corporate, Finance, Securities, Intellectual Property, E-commerce, Real Estate & Property, Merger & Acquisition, Take-Overs and Amalgamation Transactions, Tax planning, Joint Venture, Conversion of Private Company Limited to Public Company Limited, Private Placement, Initial Public Offering (IPO), setting up of a Mutual Fund, Property Fund and REITs, Entertainment, Venture Capital and General Commercial Practice, Financial Technology (FinTech).
Practice Areas : Banking, Finance, Taxation, Trade Competition, Telecommunication and all aspects of Commercial Law.


Senior Associate

Practice Areas : Taxation.


Tax Specialist (for tax)