Mergers & Acquisitions, Take-Overs and Joint Venture

The firm has extensive experience in mergers, take-overs and acquisitions of both private and public-listed companies, mostly on the acquirers’ side. The work involved the performance of due diligence investigations, handling tender offers and other formalities with the Securities Exchange Commission and the Securities Exchange of Thailand, as well as preparing the necessary documentation to effect the change in ownership and the taking of necessary corporate actions, etc.
Practice Areas : Real Estate, Foreign Business, General Practice, Focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions, Take-Overs and Joint Venture, International Trade Transactions, Expatriate Services, Labor, and Corporate.
Practice Areas : Corporate, Finance, Securities, Intellectual Property, E-commerce, Real Estate & Property, Merger & Acquisition, Take-Overs and Amalgamation Transactions, Tax planning, Joint Venture, Conversion of Private Company Limited to Public Company Limited, Private Placement, Initial Public Offering (IPO), setting up of a Mutual Fund, Property Fund and REITs, Entertainment, Venture Capital and General Commercial Practice, Financial Technology (FinTech).
Practice Areas : Corporate Practice, Incorporation, Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions and specializes in Foreign Business Law.
Practice Areas : Corporate and Commercial.
Practice Areas : General Practice.
Practice Areas : Corporate and Commercial.