Our Story

ILCT was founded by a U.S. attorney, Mr. Charles Warren Kirkwood, as a Registered Ordinary Partnership, in Bangkok, on 4 July 1966. In November 1969, an international law partnership was formed by Messrs, Kirkwood Kaplan, Russin and Vecchi incorporating the original R.O.P. At present, the Asian Offices under the name of Russin & Vecchi (R&V) comprise Bangkok, Vietnam and Taipei and we still maintain a friendly alliance with the old partnership which now has offices in Washington D.C., New York, Santo Domingo and Moscow.

With over 56-year history, ILCT was one of the pioneer international law offices engaging in the business law practice in Thailand. We have earned our reputation by consciously practicing in a group format and using personnel of diverse educational backgrounds, most of whom are multilingual, to form teams to deal with each matter by applying maximum diversified expertise. By this method and through our inter-office matrix system, we have developed an internationalist approach and have been able to service a wide cross-section of corporate and individual clients.

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