A message for ILCT’s 56th Anniversary from our Managing Director

ILCT has withstood the test of time for more than half a century before reaching the present milestone.

Our continued professional success is attributable to our ability to adapt to the changing business and legal environments. We have seamlessly moved from the age of paper- pushers to a digitized world of boundless opportunities. Opportunities that require a lot of energy and perseverance to capture. Never before have business and technology outpaced the law to such an extent. We now live in a surreal world of AI and the difficulties of reconciling this with the old world reality are beyond anyone’s grasp. Business law is in a state of flux, trying to keep pace with sophisticated and innovative business transactions; ILCT is at the leading edge of these developments. Our team comprises the cream of Thai universities. Many of our team members have studied abroad for their second law degrees which exposed them to different cultures and new approaches to problem-solving. Generations and generations of lawyers have walked the halls of ILCT, reminding one of the saying by Sir Edward Coke: “Out of auld fields must spring and grow the new Corne”.

We are also very grateful to our clients and friends without whose help and collaboration we would not have come this far. We look forward to receiving their continued patronage and assistance for our, as well as their success and prosperity in the next half century and beyond.