Thailand: First Action Fast Track Trademark Filing System

Thailand: First Action Fast Track Trademark Filing System

Announced on April 5, 2021, Thailand Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) has implemented a “First Action Fast Track” trademark filing system. The new system aims to elevate local trademark filing service, as well as, facilitating convenience and rapid trademark filing in the modern world.

First Action Fast Track system expedites the Trademark Registrar to issue the first office action within 6 months from the filing date at no extra official fees. To be eligible, the applicant must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The applied goods or services must not exceed 10 items;
  2. The description of goods or services must comply with DIP’s standard trademark goods/services list (see: DIP List);
  3. Any amendment, recordal of trademark assignment or inheritance, or request to prove acquired distinctiveness through use shall not be made on or after filing.
  4. The trademark application must be filed at DIP, authorized governmental offices, via registered mail, or DIP’s e-Filing system.

Those wishing to take advantage of the First Action Fast Track trademark filing system must comply with the above requirements to be eligible. Overall, this is good news for trademark applicants that are looking to quickly acquire trademark protection in Thailand.

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