Cabinet-Approved Personal Income Tax Measures for Investment Tokens

On March 12, 2024, the Cabinet made significant strides in fiscal policy by endorsing tax measures designed to stimulate fundraising activities utilizing digital tokens for investment purposes, termed Investment Tokens. This legal article provides a comprehensive examination of the ratified tax measures, elucidating their ramifications and objectives within the framework of nurturing the digital economy in consonance with governmental directives.

The individual investors who receive share of profits (dividend) or any benefits of a similar nature from holding or possessing investment tokens may elect to pay personal income tax at the rate of 15% equal to withholding tax amount, instead of including the share of profits (dividend) or any benefits for personal income tax calculation and paying tax at progressive rates up to 35% of the net income, provided the investors do not claim for a refund or use withholding tax amount as a tax credit, whether in wholly or partially.

These tax measures become enforceable from January 1, 2024, onwards, symbolizing their immediate applicability in the fiscal landscape.

In conclusion, the Cabinet’s endorsement of tax measures on March 12, 2024, signifies a seminal progression towards nurturing the growth and maturation of the digital economy within the nation. By incentivizing investment through digital tokens and aligning oversight standards akin to those governing securities, the government underscores its commitment to harnessing technology for economic advancement. The delineated tax benefits serve to incentivize individual participation in tokenized investment ventures while ensuring compliance with pertinent tax statutes. Overall, these measures epitomize the government’s proactive stance towards promoting and cultivating the digital economy, positioning the nation for sustained prosperity and innovation in the digital age.

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Cabinet-Approved Personal Income Tax Measures for Investment Tokens [please download]