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An introduction to the types of law firms in Thailand

To assist one in choosing the right law firm for the job, a brief description of the law firms in Thailand is appropriate. Law firms in Thailand can be divided into the following categories:

i) Local Thai Firms
These are firms which engage in litigation as the bulk of their practice and constitute the majority number of law firms in Thailand. Their practice is monolingual for the most part.

ii) International Law Firms
These firms are subsidiaries or branches of their overseas "parents" and are often extensions of their parents' practice groups. They mainly advise on transactional work and foreign laws and through their network are able to provide "fly-in expertise" on particular projects. They do not usually engage in the practice of Thai law although increasing competition is forcing them to. These firms are what one would call "foreign law advisors" in jurisdictions such as Japan or Singapore where foreign lawyers are regulated.

iii) Multi-domestic Law Firms
These are law firms which are located in more than one jurisdiction and engage in the practice of law of the jurisdiction where they are located. They may or may not have an equity relationship with their other offices, but are essentially independent of one another, except for certain common policies, rules of practice and some "fly in" capability. The majority of their lawyers have law degrees from more than one country. Their practice may be regarded as "international" only in the sense that a significant number of their clients are foreign companies doing business in Thailand and they are conversant with transnational legal problems. In consequence, their practice is multilingual.

iv) Pseudo Law Firms
Many international accounting firms have established legal consultancy companies as an adjunct to their mainstream business. Even though these companies dispense legal advice they are not regarded as law firms in the true sense of the word.

We regard ourselves as a multi-domestic law firm ( Category III ).

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